Maintenance contracts

We orchestrate and administer all periodic maintenance contracts, ensuring that they are suitably robust, covering the building and estate needs.

These contracts typically include communal utility supplies, fire alarms, emergency lighting, lifts, pumping stations, television service, entry systems, car park gates, cleaning, gardening, security, drains, gutters, water tank hygiene, boilers, air conditioning, heat interface units and pest control.


Regular site visits

We visit every building, at least quarterly, but can tailor our inspections to your requirements.

Additionally, we have any regularly attending contractors, like cleaners, notify us of anything that isn’t as it should be so that items like light bulbs can be punctually replaced and other potential problems quickly rectified.


Out of hours’ emergency service

Sometimes, things do go wrong so we have a 24-hour emergency service covering everything from a leak to loss of power.

In the unlikely event our excellent provider struggles to resolve an issue our senior management team will step in and liaise with the residents until that issue is resolved.



We cannot over-emphasise the importance of your building being compliant with the various legislative requirements and will always provide you with relevant and dependable advice.

We ensure that your property has comprehensive maintenance protocols in place, whether these be for fire alarms, emergency lighting, communal boilers, water hygiene, electrical supply safety certification, asbestos management or any other matter.

We are regulated by ARMA and RICS and we have a Complaints Handling Procedure to leaseholders. If you would like to see a copy of this document please email us at [email protected]


Service Charges

We liaise with the directors for agreement on anticipated annual costs in advance of the new accounting year for agreement before circulation.

The service charge (and ground rent where applicable) demands are then issued as per the lease stipulations and include commentary so that lessees understand where their money is being spent. The independently verified year-end accounts are always issued in a timely manner following year-end.


Arrears management

Service charges being paid when due is crucial for the cash-flow and good management of any building so we closely monitor them, resulting in arrears typically below 5% across our portfolio, due to this proactive approach.

Occasionally we need to instruct solicitors for recovery where ignored, but such instances would be on a case by case basis and we always consult directors in advance. We have agreed advantageous terms with solicitors, whereby they only charge whatever they are able to recover from the defaulting lessee, therefore not burdening the service charges with hefty legal fees.


Accountancy & financial control

All client money is held in trust, we ensure that it is used prudently and each client has a unique bank account with further ones for reserves or major works arranged as required.

These are reconciled monthly and we will provide you with income and expenditure statements upon your request.

RICS has passed our financial controls as "Outstanding".


We have good working relationships with brokers who can provide you with comprehensive, competitively priced cover for buildings, lift & machinery and directors professional liability.